Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Most of INSTA-BRITE‘s services are requested to improve or maintain the appearance of our customers’ investments. Cleaning Kitchen Exhaust systems is the exception. Our efforts here are focused on the removal of serious hazards of fire caused by the accumulation of grease and oily residue inside your kitchen hood exhaust system.

Our services are provided by 8 Massachusetts certified cleaners and 3 Boston licensed cleaners. Cleanings or inspections are scheduled at your convenience in order to avoid interruption of your preparation and cooking operations. We are dedicated to providing the complete cleaning of your exhaust system in a professional, efficient manner.

Employing a large group of Massachusetts and Boston certified employees to perform these services, INSTA-BRITE takes this fire-prevention responsibility very seriously. The maintenance services we offer include the complete cleaning of the entire kitchen exhaust system from the fan on the outside of the building down all of the accessible ductwork, and inside the hood above the cooking equipment. Our follow-up service report documents our findings to ensure you are made aware of any issues before they become a problem. We install required hinge kits on fans and as necessary, proper access panels in vertical or horizontal ductwork.

PAC certifiedWe place a sticker on the outside of your hood showing that the system was cleaned according to National Fire Protection Association Code 96 and Mass Fire Code 527 CMR 11.00 and the date of the next scheduled cleaning service. This sticker and the after-service follow-up report gives inspectors (including the local fire or health department or your insurance company) confidence thatyour exhaust system is being maintained properly.

For brockton Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning services please call 781-447-0022.